Sharks Of My Life Prologue

Credits:-..Steph.. from
Living almost 5 years in debt did not lessen the debt a tad bit… the interest gets adding in such a way that in some more time the amount of debt will be same like amount of loan taken… Geet Handa did just one mistake in her life… Loving someone… She left her own dreams aside to complete her lover’s dream… But she lost everything so called family, friends, status and dream for forever… looking at the debt it’s not possible to her to think about her dream being a DJ… Yes she had a unique dream… Because of it she almost lost her family…



Maan Singh Khurana, a sexy man who made the whole empire on his own… Khurana’s known for whichever path he walks it will bloom for sure… Even thorns will bloom into the flowers… But has a past… Mind it…


What will happen when drowned in debt GEET meets the business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana after 5 years????



  1. Hi … i a new reader and after reading the prologue i want to read the story plz plz give me the password for this story…..
    Coming to the story it seems to be interesting and some kind of past hiding story …..
    And i love those ones …..

    Geet is suffering from some problems…..
    Who betrayed her … is he maan or some one else ……

    Waiting for you for pw please give me …..


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