Confession To Marriage Proposal

credit^ caffeineaddict.




Maan was very happy as  finally after persuading so much Geet said yes to go out with him…  For a two day trip…

He was unable to think straightforward.  He was so happy that sleep also was taking U-turn from him.

He was thinking what else he can do to make her feel special. He wants to make this time memorable for both of them. He was dreaming about each and every moment which he was going to share with his Geet.

Yess!!!!  His Geet. After she confessed her love to him he was unable to stay away from her. He remembered that heated conversation they had in his office cabin.


Maan was hopelessly in love with Geet soon he confessed “I love you Geet”… He was happy to see in her eyes that she also loves him back… But he got shocked when she said “this is impossible Maan” and she started to go from there, but Maan held her wrist… pulled her on himself… And he pinned her on the nearest wall…

She started to struggle… Unable to take her struggle Maan put his weight on her to keep her steady. Geet was unable to think properly because of this close proximity. She stammered when she said “si sir … pl pl please… let me g go…”

Maan was hell angry on her but he controlled himself and said “don’t you feel anything Geet when I come near you so very near that we can hear each other’s heart beat…  Tell me Geet”.

Unknown feeling woke up in the stomach of Geet as no man came near her in that too so near that his breath fanning on her lips.

Geet lied”no Maan”. But Maan was adamant; he started to put butterfly kisses on her neck. By this Geet’s legs got wobbled up unable to hold herself she held Maan’s shoulder for support.

Maan smiled while kissing her. He moved towards her ears. He nibbled her earlobe Geet moaned with the new sensation evoke in her. Maan said huskily “now also u don’t feel anything Geet”, Geet refused to answer as she was gathering her all emotions.

Maan felt rejected as she still did not confess. He wanted to try for the last time. He put his finger under Geet’s chin and moved her face upwards so that they can have eye to eye contact.

Maan gave a loud sigh and said “Geet why don’t you believe me I know I insulted you in the past but please Geet let me amend my mistakes for you, for us… I love you Geet please take just one step toward me and I will take remaining ones”. Geet saw nothing but the truth, love and care in his eyes she was so lost in his eyes.

She suddenly started feeling empty when she came to know that Maan was moving away from her. Geet saw hurt, pain, rejection, lost look in his eyes. She saw him turning around and she screamed “I love you”.

Maan stopped then and there only. He could not believe it did she confessed really??? Or my ears are ringing??? Or I am hallucinating???? Maan thought himself if it is a dream I don’t want to get it over…’ Then he found Geet in front of him.

She was looking affectionately to him. She put her palm on Maan’s cheek she stroked it little.. and said “I am sorry Maan but even I can’t deny that I felt for you though you were insulting me… Just now When you moved away from me today I felt void and that instant I realized this Geet belongs to Maan her Maan…” tears made their ways through Geet’s eyes… Maan kissed those tears taking away from them and said “there is no use of these tears now… I won’t allow you to shade a single tear from now… errmmm except two times” Maan said last few words cheekily.

Geet got confused and asked “two????” Maan sat on the sofa and pulled Geet. She fell on Maan’s lap. She wanted to get up from this awkward arrangement but Maan hold her tightly. Looking at this Geet adjusted herself on her very own private sofa… Maan said “first time you will cry when I will take you away from your family that’s in your bidaai”

Geet got happy hearing this asked excitedly “and second”… “when you will give birth to our child”… by listening this Geet blushed furiously and hided herself in Maan’s chest. Maan chuckled and it vibrated through his hard chest. Maan pulled her face from his chest and chuckled more.

“Don’t hide that blush from me I love it just like I love you” and he tighten his grip around her waist.


Suddenly Geet looked at the clock “8.15” oh god today I will have to answer questions of Mom and dad again’, she thought. “Maan I should leave now it’s late”. Maan said “ok I will drop you but you have to promise me you will spend a day or two with me” Geet looked at him confusingly but she said “yess but not now after a week or two may be”. Maan was all ok with it…

By hearing yess fro Geet Maan was grinning stupidly… Geet started to get up from his lap. Maan again held her… and he got up along with her… Immediately as reflex Geet wrapped her legs on Maan’s torso. She was holding onto Maan for her dear life… Maan whispered in her ears… “don’t worry Geet till I am alive I won’t let you fall” Geet found herself relaxed on his shoulder enjoying the warmth. They both reached his car. He put her in the passenger seat. And they both went towards her home.

When she was about to get down from the car Maan stopped her saying “you are forgetting something”… Geet said “good night Maan”

Maan said cheekily “not like this”, and pecked her lips twice.

Geet’s eyes widened with this… And she looked towards the Maan for an explanation…

Maan shrugging his shoulders said… “I needed something to survive this night away from you”, she just looked lovingly at him and smiled. She got down from the car went towards her home. Maan before going back made sure she got inside her house.


 After that sweet confession He used to find ways to spend time with her. But Geet was Geet she was tactfully avoided Maan many times in office hours. He was so much into love with her. He was unable to stay away from her for a single minute. Just to hear her voice when he wakes up in the morning he used to call her in the night after talking they both go for a sleep without disconnecting call… when Geet wakes up she wakes him up by her sweet melodious voice.

While he was thinking he did not came to know when sun showed up. He looked at the watch n said”just 2 hrs far from me Geet…”



When time struck at 9 exactly at the same time Geet’s mobile rang… “tum hi hoo ab tum hi ho”… (her mobile ringtone)



She received her call…smiled looking at the caller id and answered “yess Sir”



Maan impatiently- I am waiting for you Geet come fast don’t make me wait more…



Geet giggled and said “Sir two minutes”



She bid bye to her mom and dad… and she left the home



When she saw her dream man leaning on the car and waiting for her just her…

She shied and looked away from him but still she can feel his intense gaze on her…

She went near him…



“Good morning Sir”

“How many times I have to tell you that it’s Maan for you…And today you will get punished if you call me Sir henceforth.”



Maan opened the door for Geet. She settled on the seat. Maan also got into the driver’s seat and both of them went towards the destination unknown to Geet.



The journey was very happy happening as they were talking to each other knowing more about each other. In Whole journey Maan was holding Geet’s hand. In between their conversation he was kissing her hand…and every time he did Geet used to blush furiously…



When they stopped for fuel… Geet asked excitingly… “Where are we going” Maan said looking at her “it’s a surprise jaan” Geet pouted giving a puppy face to him… And Maan was looking at those pink rosy lips…



He said “I will eat them if u keep doing like this… now they are mine ” Geet was confused she was thinking… “what happened to him suddenly…” as he got serious in flick of a moment. she hesitatingly asked “what is yours??i  am confused…”  Maan pressed his thumb on her lips… Her lips quivered with the anticipation… Maan said “these lips are mine… your whole body belongs to me… Each cell of your body is mine Geet…” he was looking into her eyes… they were in their own world…



Geet said lovingly “yess I am only yours… trust me… You only have rights on me nobody else…”by listening this tensed Maan relaxed … “I am sorry Geet it was just…” Geet kept her hand on his mouth and nodded in no… there was knock on the window… And our Maneet came out of the lovey dovey land… After fueling the car they left from there.



Geet was tired asking where they are going. As Maan wanted to surprise her he kept mum on that question. After the 4 hrs journey they reached near a beach…

Geet was mesmerized by the amazing view of resort…





Maan looked at her and said in mind “this is nothing Geet, there is more to it”

“Sirr” she bite her tongue realizing her mistake and looked apologetically towards Maan. Maan was angry “not again Geet”…



Then the idea stuck him ,He said “ready for punishment”.

Geet gave him puppy face and pouted… Maan took the chance and he placed a peck on those pouty lips… Geet blushed and she hid her face in her palms. Maan removed her palms and said “you look more se** when you blush”



Both of them got down from the car…Maan held her hand and took to the resort.. when they reached in the lobby.  Geet was again awestruck by the interior of the resort…




Her mouth flung open… Maan chuckled watching her and said… “close your mouth love… I feel like ravishing here only in front of staff…” Geet glared him and again started looking here and there enjoying the views.


After showing Geet around He took her to the restaurant for lunch.




Geet was admiring each and every thing… Maan said cheekily “stop admiring everything baby, you will not like much these things when you will see me”… Geet’s eyes went wide with realization… and Maan chuckled she did not utter any word after that…



After having lunch , they went near the reception area and ask for the keys . Receptionist gave him the two cards. Geet’s curiosity reached to the new heights she asked him “why two cards are we going to stay in different rooms”. by listening this Maan’s held her in his arms and looked into her eyes.



Geet was looking here and there to see if anyone watching them she felt relieved when she saw none was there.. Maan said grinning widely “if I want I can stay but what about you” Geet glared him and said quickly “dare you Maan” Maan was smiling… Geet retorted “why are you smiling” Maan said “I felt at piece when you say my name”… Geet realized this even she started smiling…



They both now went near the elevator


Maan swiped one card after a moment elevator door opened. They went inside. Maan was holding her by the waist. They reached  at V1-V2 FLOOR. Geet asked him “what is V…?”… He said you will see… He came out from the elevator and went towards the another elevator named V1.

Maan said “look Geet you asked me na why two keys… so one key is for this elevator… and this is the private elevator” he swipe the card and the door opened they went to another floor. As soon as the door of the elevator opened… Geet saw the most beautiful room ever… She was capturing every sight… practically drooling!




She asked mesmerizingly… “This is a villa Maan… Only for two of us????” Maan said “villa’s are meant to be private my love to do private things” and winked towards Geet. Geet looked on other side and blushed… He went behind her… Geet saw that two arms were snaking on her waist… Geet leaned backward feeling the warmth.



Maan put his chin on her shoulder and huskily whispered in her ears “I have bought this villa… no one but other than us will stay here.. I want to keep the memories as it is… When we will come here again we will cherish those moments”… Geet smiled thinking the same.



Maan and Geet both were seating on the couch. Maan was hugging her… Geet also relaxed to be in Maan’s arms…Maan nuzzled into her neck and whispered into her ears…”now you know what that “v” means in the elevator” Geet just nodded…after that they talked and talked and talked.





In past Maan used to get jealous whenever Geet used to be friendly with any man. He could not kept this within himself and he practically abandoned her once on the pretext of meeting. Once they reached to the farm house he asked series of questions to Geet. Getting annoyed Geet gave the answers to his questions in opposite way. And then anger raised up and Maan tried to force himself but within a minute he realized the mistake and started saying sorry… Maan confessed being jealous as he is starting to like her but Geet went away from there. Maan did not stopped her at that time as he knew during that minute what Geet must have felt…




They both confessed about the past and came clean…  so there was no awkwardness in between them now. They did not realize when this time passed. It was evening when Maan held her hand and said,” ohh its time first we will have tea then let me show you around…” Geet nodded sweetly…

They had their tea in the most amazing place.



After drinking the tea with drinking beauty of the nature, they went inside the villa, Geet was following Maan.

First he went to the kitchen…



Maan was showing each and everything to Geet enthusiastically… he said “you will cook food here…  I will come from behind and I will hug you tightly… I will kiss you so that you will concentrate on me.. Then you will glare me… and I will go there to seat like a child… Then you will serve the food and you will feed me by your hand” he was going on and on.



Geet was looking at him lovingly and he was knitting dreams of the future. Geet was praying to god that no one will come between us Let us be happy and together and forever. Geet silently went near Maan and hugged him tightly… surprised  Maan hugged her back and asked what happened… she nodded in no rubbing her nose on his chest… He said “come we will watch a movie…”

He took her to the theater room..


Geet was now used to the feeling of getting awestruck by the beauty of the each corner of this house. She was murmuring in the mind only so that Maan will not tease her more… He asked her which movie she wants to watch… “ermmm what about your choice.. till now everything is done by you so I want you to choose the film “by saying this she moved  and made comfortable herself to the couch..Maan was smirking as everything was going according to his plan because he only wanted to choose a film…”after all it was my plan it has to work ”



he took the remote and went near her… they were seating far from each other {not too far as in not like lovers…}… Maan started the cinema… As the movie was proceeding Geet went near him. She hold his arm Maan mentally patted himself. She whispered “you put this horror movie deliberately naa”…



Maan pulled her closer and placed kisses on her jaw line and neck… Geet’s attention got diverted from the movie… Maan asked her while kissing “are you still scare”… Geet moaned loudly when he give her first love bite… he was soothing her pain by licking it. Movie got ended. But they were seating cuddling each other…



Now it was a time for dinner.  Maan lead her to the area where he has something planned for his Geet.

He closed his eyes and lead her to somewhere… When he opened her eyes she gasped with a shock.





by the time movie and their romance got over it was a time for dinner.  Maan lead her to the area where he has something planned for his Geet.

He closed his eyes and lead her to the place… When he opened her eyes she gasped with a shock her jaw dropped looking the beauty in front of her.

She looked unbelievably towards  Maan, he just shrugged his shoulder he sat down in the chair along with her. She asked “how did you do this??”

Maan said “this is a private lake, come I am starving”

Geet asked looking at the dishes “when u came to know about this… here we have all my favorite dishes… What u will have Dusht Danav”

Maan pecked on her lips and said “as u earlier said all plan was made by me… so I thought u deserve some attention too… and about that question… the answer is i will have you ”

Geet playfully hit him on his shoulder… And Maan acted hurt by her hit.

They finished their dinner feeding each other.. Occasionally Maan was romancing or teasing with her…


After dinner Maan went to get the dessert.

Geet started to have her favorite mango flavored dessert. Maan deliberately put her hand in dessert plate. Geet was going to wash her hand.

But Maan held her hand looking at her he started licking her finger on by one… When he done with all the fingers… he took her ring finger in his mouth and put the ring in her finger.

Geet was so mesmerized by the feeling shocked when she saw the ring.

She whispered “beautiful” Maan said… “its u who made this ring beautiful ..” he kissed the ring gently and bent down on his knee.

“MS. Geet Handa, today I will accept that as a yess when I saw you first then and there only I lost my heart to you… I was idiot to admit my feelings that time.. I was blind in revenge… I did not want to be in such feelings… but it was late to control my feelings… I already lost the battle of being your Dusht Danav… and I won title of a lover boy.. I was stupid back there,  you were there in front of my eyes.. But it took me hell  lot of time to realize my feelings…I feel alive whenever you are around me… I can’t control neither my heart who beats faster nor my hormones who pumps my blood in unusual manner… I used to feel numb whenever we were in verbal fight…I was running away from you.. I was trying to keep distance between us.. I was trying to hide this feeling because I thought there will be no love for me… but when I realized it was love I am having for you… at that time only I swear on myself I will amend my mistakes and I will accept whatever fate has decided for me…now look at me what your love has done to me… I am a totally changed man..   I love you Geet…you are my life now be my wife officially, I can’t stay away from you… I will do anything to keep you happy!!!! would you like to be my child’s mother…”

Tears were flowing from Maan’s eyes while proposing, Geet was so touched by this gesture. She was asking Maan to get up. But Maan has no control over his emotion he was sobbing like a child remembering how he had hurt in past.

Geet got on her knees.. She cupped his cheeks.. And started kissing his cheeks… she was trying to take away his pain as well as tears. She hugged him tightly… but Maan has no guts to hug her back as he was having fear of rejection…

Geet kissed his earlobe… she wanted to cheer him up so she whispered “what will you name our children” by listening this immediately Maan hugged her back. Holding back tightly… whispering sorries… Geet get out from his hold.. and said pouting her lips

“enough Sir… today was so happy happy day… and see now u make all sad sad..” Maan chuckled with her childish sentence he wiped his tears and pecked on Geet’s lips “let’s go we need good sleep this emotional roller coaster took toll on us” she just nodded… suddenly Maan lifted her up in the bridal style and took her to their bedroom…

Geet was looking at the room she was awestruck when she saw her pics and said “where did you got all this pics ,from when were you planning this” around the walls pictures from their childhood till now…

Maan was smiling and said ” these (by pointing to the pics) when I realized my love for you I started capturing you… What do you think when you confessed me I was unable to stay away from you even for an hour… so how I survived in those days when were on cold war…”

Geet turned around and ran to him… he catches her “thank you thank you for this every surprises… now even I can’t stay away from you… What magic your love has done to me… ” they did not need words to understand each other they were busy in each other’s warmth…

Geet looked at the other stairs which were moving upwards and asked “what is there???” and she moved to that room… when she peeped into that room she made faces…

Maan chuckled when he saw Geet making those faces. He pulled her closer and said “well in this room your entry is prohibited”

Geet looked at him and asked ” when i will need you then how will i call you ” Maan kissed her on cheek and said “just call me by your heart, i will come at that instant”

They both came down to bedroom.

They changed themselves in the night suits. When they were about to sleep Geet asked “Sir wo me…” Maan immediately pinned her by coming top on her… and he was continuously pecking on her lips…after few minutes he moved from her… “soryy sss I mean Maan” by this Maan held her And both slept cuddling each other .


In the morning:-

Geet woke up in the bed. It was really hot in the bed she started to get up when an arm held her down, she panicked for a second. She looked down at the arm and followed to Maan.

He looked so peaceful in his sleep, all signs of the worry lines of his face gone, he looked so at ease. She turned around in his arms and started t trace his jaw bone down to his caller bone, his breathe hitched and she slightly giggled. Her hand was going to his well toned chest. She was about to reach more down but Maan grabbed her hand.

“Geet just stop before we both do something we will regret” Maan said huskily. Geet suppressed a moan. She looked up to Maan and wrapped her arms around Maan’s neck, by straddling on his torso. Maan instantly grabbed her waist  and rolled over so he was on top.

“you will love this position from now” Maan said looking down at her. She blushed profusely and hid herself in his chest. Maan pulled her face from his chest and he leaned in and they kissed… (their first long kiss). Their lips were moving in sync, his tongue traced her bottom lip asking for entrance, she denied trying to play hard to get. Maan got frustrated he hitched her leg up to his waist and squeezed. Geet gasped in surprise feeling unknown feeling giving Maan what he was demanding an entrance. Geet was so lost in the kiss she did not realized that his hand was going up her shirt. She broke away the kiss. Maan was breathing heavily, his eyes filled with the lust.

“We should stop” Geet said breathlessly. She don’t want to stop but she wasn’t ready yet.

Maan replied “yes we should”. He was trying to get his breathe back.

He said cheekily  “maybe we can shower together to save water you know”

Geet denied saying she wanted to spend some time alone in the shower.

Maan said “at least give me one more kiss” Geet gave him a kiss which was suppose to be a peck on his lips but turned out to be a lot more. She guessed in her mind that she won’t be having shower anytime soon.

In the afternoon they left the villa and went back to the hoshiyarpur.  Maan asked Geet’s hand from her parents. Everybody was watching Maneet. Geet’s parents agreed for this proposal this made everyone happy. With that they both were very happy lived with each other ever after.




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