OS: Flawless Proposal????



Maan was driving towards his home, where his phone started ringing “Geet ka phone aaya, Geet ka phone aaya” Maan was startled with the loud ringtone. Mentally checking to punish for changing his ringtone, he received her call, before saying hello or anything he just received an order “Maan, I want you near XYZ in 10 minutes” Maan was staring at the screen blankly when he received an SMS saying “your time starts now…”



Maan though was annoyed with her behaviour; he put the gears and started towards XYZ. When he reached there, he saw a setup for candle light dinner and a female body which he was sure of Geet dressed in a coat. When he wanted to shout he hear her “How dare you Maan to come 20 seconds late…” Looking at her Maan wanted to laugh but somehow he controlled and smirked when he realized for today she is THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA’ and he is GEET’.



Accepting the situation and giving into her play he answered her “I am sorry Geet, please don’t make me leave from this place…” Geet though was confused as how he is giving into the situation so fast, she made a hand gesture asking him to sit. Geet came behind him and pulled a chair for him acting as a perfect gentleman. Then Geet gave him one file, Maan so wanted to laugh when he read THE DEAL’ written in large font. He opened and read the content. There was nothing but the promises and love quotes. He was reading when he heard her stern voice “So if you agree on my condition then sign it, and deal is yours…” Maan took out his lucky pen, signed and gave back the file to her. Geet clapped twice and waiter started entering,They were serving the dishes. “Congratulation for the deal and Enjoy your meal”. Geet bite her tongue when she came to know she just made one rhyme unknowingly, she so wanted to share this with him but she will wait as she did not wanted to kill the environment she created.



On the other side of the table, Difficult for Maan was eating Ghee wala food, but still he ate countable morsels. He was jumping in his mind for the failure of hers as Geet was making faces while eating her pasta. Geet came towards him and took his hand in her and took to the edge where there was decoration of balloons and petals. There was a pineapple cake and chocolate bouquet. Maan was praying for himself as Geet won’t ask him to eat all.



Geet got onto her knees “I don’t know from where to begin, but still I will start from somewhere. Don’t worry even if I will start from somewhere eventually I will end up on your side. Though we have sorted our problems, though you have given me equal rights on your world as you. I still felt I am lacking. I love you so much Maan, more than this chocolates, more than this cake, more than my desi ghee wala food but still it is not much compare to you… ” Geet stood up and went closer to him “Wil…” And the balloon burst scaring the hell out of her. She just got scared and hugged Maan tightly. Maan started caressing her head to calm her down… he knew now there are chances she might not finish what she have started so he said playfully “So the act is over… ???” Geet came back into reality and shake her head in no. “So… Will you marry me Mr. Maan Singh Khurana???”



Maan though guessed earlier he wanted to answer “Geet…” without letting him finish Geet pressed her lips on his. She was moving her lips innocently where current passed through Maan’s body. Geet didn’t knew how to proceed, started to go away when she felt his hands on her waist and lips on hers. She moaned when he suckled her lower lip. Maan started playing with her tongue while Geet’s legs were wobbly. She started shivering in desire, when she wanted to move further then Maan left her. He was looking at her intensely, thought they kissed number of times, though they made love number of times, when they start their new day they felt always its a first time.



Geet was in daze “I… I” When Geet felt Maan forehead with hers, he murmured “Yes, Geet… I will marry you… I will only get married to my mishty…” Geet smiled shyly. “But I have two questions Geet?” Geet frowned ” Do you want me to arrange our wedding in next month as it will be our six month wedding anniversary. ”



Geet thought for some time and answered “Maan, We are back into ourselves, thinking is your job not mine… ” Maan sighed and asked his second question “Was it true that you will love me more than your food???” Geet’s eyes widened in realization “Ohh… I forgot… I couldn’t eat that boring pasta… I will eat my food” Saying this she just left Maan there along in between balloons and petals with a cake and chocolate bouquet untouched.


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