OS: Unusual Khurana Trait

i was removing some files from my folder i found one (this) OS, it is very childish i think, i dont even remember when did i wrote it so thought to post… it is ok if you dont like it!!!!

credit ^ SavyDobrev

Unusual Khurana Trait


The day Geet Handa moved to the Maan Singh Khurana’s neighborhood, the day marked for their new friendship. Being naive and mischievous Geet never knew that Maan harbored feelings for her. She was more into enjoying the company of friends, playing and visiting gardens while Maan used to tag along with her just to admire her. His love for her was not that difficult or complicated, he loved her for what she was, even though he had this burning in his heart he kept his emotions at bay. He never wanted to scare her off, he was happy with the current happenings.


The friendship between then was cute and best, according to Geet. Whenever she was in trouble he was there for her, just one call away but calling and asking help from him was really rare, because he always go with her. Though sometimes Geet gets annoyed when only girls meet up, understanding he was he gave them their privacy and space.


That all two years ago, now Geet is 18 years old, technically speaking a legal age to do many things voting, driving, drinking and some sextra fun. Maan who was 24 years old, joined in family company but never failed to keep Geet under his radar. He knew after 18 years old what kind of fun they do, and he being possessive will never allow her to have that not when she can do everything with him. his father was pestering him about getting settled down. “Dad, I am not ready yet, I need some time” his dad just smiled and continued “in our family boys get married at the age of 22-24, I thought you liked Geet, and I know how Khurana men are, so I thought after 1 year you will come to us confessing, we could have managed your engagement but nothing happened… now I can’t stay back, you have very less time my dear son, get married or this company automatically goes to charity once I retire….” Maan could not believe this at all “Dad, you are just bluffing right….??? There is nothing like this right????” His father stood up from the sofa and came near him, keeping his hand on his shoulder he tried to comfort him “I am sorry son, when this company founded, that time there are some conditions if we fail to follow any one of them, there will be no Khurana’s” Maan was shocked, if he thought to follow what his dad told him then he have hardly 4 months, and he have not made any move towards Geet yet. “Ohh Geet….I forgot” Dialling some number “where is she???? Mall???? With whom???? Dammit I told you not to lose her sight….” Banging the receiver angrily, he moved his palm through his hairs… thinking something he called his PA cum left hand cum friend Adi “arrange dinner with Handa’s and inform Khurana’s as well… it’s time I need to claim my love”


Geet who had no idea what’s going on was enjoying the pop corn she bought in the multiplex. Whole gang of her friends came to the mall to watch cinema… she turned 18 just last month, so she was unaware of the adult stuff. Knowledge from the book is way different than knowledge from the experience and in school they teach anatomy and some stuff but never one could know how sex is done.  For the first time she saw a guy kissing a girl on the lips that too with tongue. She was so embarrassed, her pop corn were everywhere on the floor. First time she felt the wet patch forming on her underwear. The feelings inside her stomach were new and she confronted her best friend Vaani. Even she was shocked looking at Geet’s naivety. After movie finished she took her to the food court and told her everything she knew in hush tone. Geet still couldn’t believe that there can be something like this. once she finished listening Vaani’s talk she looked around her, there were many couples, sitting together, holding hands and she remembered she do this all with Maan but they are not into this kind of relation they are just friends. When Geet asked her doubt she got a reply “not every girl and boy have this relation Geet, he can be your genuine friend and holding hands in public is normal these days” She was listening attentively when her phone ringed “Hello Maa… what why today???At 7??? But it’s already 5 maa… can I skip??? Ok ok I am coming…” she put her mobile back to her clutch then turned towards Vaani “if I want to find someone, where should I go???” Vaani smiled and said “Maan will never allow Geet, anyways disco, pub, parties, concerts, night drives there are many options…” Geet thought for some time and said “ok I can always sneak, by the way I have to go seems Maan arranged family dinner today…” bidding bye she went from there taking lot of knowledge.


Dinner was well arranged in a short notice. Maan who was sitting besides Geet was nervous while Geet’s senses were heightened a slight touch from Maan and she goes into thinking mode… dessert was being served, but the awkwardness was still there. Maan’s father somehow guessed the reason of this sudden dinner but he was waiting for Maan to take an initiative. Maan cleared his throat and everybody looked at him “I want to Marry Geet, if possible then in next month” everybody smiled but Geet was shocked “Marry??? No… you are my friend…” Maan looked at her sadly, he found her standing up when he gripped her hand and made her sit down “she has just turned eighteen, I know it is too early to marry her off but I promise I will take care of her…” Geet’s father said “we don’t have any problem Maan, we always wanted you as our son in law seems our prayers got answered…” looking at Geet “Geet puttar, Maan is best for you… and you know him since two years you are comfortable him and we trust Maan as well. Giving you to some unknown family is not good.” Geet looked at every one who was looking at her, expecting an answer “I… I… I need to talk to you Maan” Maan stood up listening her request, everybody saw their entwined hands and Maan didn’t let her hand go the since the time he held.

Geet was looking towards the sky, while Maan was looking at her. He couldn’t held his hand back not when he propose for marriage. He turned her towards him and pulled near him. For Geet the hug in between them was normal but today she shivered when for the first time she felt his hands moving on her back… “do you know how I held back since two years… the day you took step in this area, I fell in love with you… I decided to give you freedom until you are ready for the marriage, for me… but now I can’t wait and I got a push from my ancestors… I love you Geet… marry me… I will make you the happiest girl of the world…” Geet’s hands were dangling besides her, she put her hands around his neck as she saw in movie  “I am ready to marry you but I have few conditions” Maan moved towards her neck and started planting sweet kisses, he got the desired answer from her and he can fulfil her any wish but he decided to listen first “what are your wishes love” Geet was feeling new intense feelings what she felt in the cinema hall today, gathering her thoughts she started

“lots of shopping”


“I want to study more…”


“I want to meet my friends and party…”


“I want to go for long drives in the night”


“I want to go to night club”






“wow thank you… so I can meet handsome men too”

“ don’t you think your demands kept increasing except last one I agree to rest”

Geet pouted and made his face away from her neck, Maan groaned and opened his eyes “in the movie they don’t kiss on neck but here” Maan smiled when he saw her pushing her tongue out.  Without wasting time he dived inside her mouth. Maan made sure to give her best first kiss…. And he did it Geet felt wobbly and he supported her making her go breathless…. “I think one month is too long what about tomorrow” Geet was still in that kiss just hummed in response. Maan smirked and then clean her smudged lipstick.

Maan as promised took her to the long drive and disco to show her nightlife. As decided they got married in two weeks as there were no auspicious dates other than that. Geet was happy as she learnt many things from Maan in physical way. One day Maan just entered to his bedroom and looking the site of his grumpy wife “Jaan what happened????” Geet took the pillows and started throwing it towards him “you freak… you monster….” Maan didn’t knew the reason behind her anger, he tried to talk to her “Jaan what’s wrong???” Geet stopped for a while and came near her, “what’s wrong???? What’s wrong??? You fucking kidding me????” Maan admonished her “watch out your language young lady” Geet groaned “why did you do it???? Tell me!!!” Maan hugged her tightly “I have no idea what are you talking about love” Geet pushed him hard and shouted “ I am just 18 years old and you put your seed into me and now it got marinated blodd” she couldn’t complete the last word as Maan plastered his lips onto her… breaking the kiss, he lift her up holding her legs, swirling her around in happiness “really??? Jaan??? Oh my god I am so happy….” He again took her in a kiss. Geet was having second though about having a kid, she was just 18 years old but looking at the happiness on his face she dropped the idea… “once the baby is born I will go out and you will stay here taking care of our baby” Maan nodded in positive, his hands were roaming around her flat belly “now no male will look at you” Geet understood why he put baby inside “I hate you, I hate you” she started hitting him with her small fists “though I am feeling sorry for you but I am not… gosh I am going to take you on world tour after this… but now no using bad words, I don’t want our baby to learn this” Geet put her hands on her his and said sarcastically “and from whom I learn this… since 4 months you are using some new words while making love what are they????” Maan’s eyes widened and he closed her mouth with his palm. Maan remembered he taught her new words about their body parts really naughty words “I will not use them until and unless I want to plant again” Geet bite his palm hard making it go red and leaving her teeth marks on “ dare you if you do this without telling me first…”


2 years passed, and Maneet were blessed by a baby boy. As Maan said he took geet on world tour with Abhay. Currently they were snuggling in one of the best hotel of New-Zealand. Geet was more annoyed as when they used to visit pub or any club, Maan first tasted the drinks and then only used to pass it on. Whenever she felt like dancing, he arranged woofer speakers in the suit and gave her feeling like she is dancing on disco. She understood his protective nature but he was not allowing her to leave his side not even when he used to work something. Once she sneaked and entered into the hotel’s pub, she made faces when she found she had Fanta instead of ‘Sex on the beach’. She left to the room dejectedly where Maan attacked her for defying him.

Her mother in law was welcoming her and Abhay by putting tilak. Changing herself she put Abhay in Maan’s care and went down to have her lunch first. Looking at the lunch she felt like throwing up and she ran towards her room. She came out wiping her face and saw father-son having gala time. She went near Maan and bites his cheek really hard leaving dark blue-purple bruise. “Didn’t I told you not to do this… why are you doing this.. I wanted to study… ” she started crying and Maan was feeling guilty to impregnate her again. But he couldn’t help himself when he came to know she sneaked in to go to pub, he made love to her. The day happened to be fertile day of hers he hugged her tightly while saying lovely things. He said sorry but she was not ready to forgive him soon she even threatened him to apply international, she can handle pregnancy and Abhay there too…. That made Maan scowl and he said something which made Geet sulk more “now I have no intentions to leave your belly empty”

He was trying since last few hours to open the door of the guest room, his heart cried hearing her sobs “Geet, I am sorry open the door… see Abhay is crying now….” He heard the click and went inside “ok I am sorry I won’t do it again… I will handle new baby.. this time promise… in fact lets apply to some colleges so you can join after 1 year or something… ok??? But please never lock yourself like this and never cry ok???” Geet looked at him teary eyes “promise???” Maan pecked her forehead “life time promise”


Maan was working on the laptop where Adi was writing dictation, Anjali who was two years old was lying down while he was moving pram to and fro slowly where Sasha was looking at him dreamily. Abhay was under the care of his grandparents so both Maan and Geet were relaxed and doing their own work. Vibration made their concentration broke and Maan’s face light up with looking at the caller ID “Maan, I passed.. I passed…  but do you know I don’t want to study anymore… I like home I don’t understand half of the things here.. they are so difficult too much to study… kuch karo naa” Maan was continuously smiling hearing her banter, he knew she will never like the side she chose but he himself gave her permission now she was sulking “I have one option, let’s make another one” he laughed hearing the beep tone from other side.


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  1. Fantastic OS

    Maan has been in love with Geet since she moved into their neighbourhood now that
    she has reached 18 years he feels its time to propose marriage her family accepts and Geet eventually accepts learning all the physical aspects from her naughty husband

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved Os… Maan loved Geet since she came to stay as his neighbour.. He is very possessive for her.she is always in his radar.. & when she became 18.. He immediately married her..& in notime she got pregnant not once but twice.but then allowed her for further studies as per her wish… I always loved possessive Maan…thnx for pm

    Liked by 1 person

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